Arvo Pärt

Gidon Kremer’s co-operation with Arvo Pärt reaches back decades. It was largely thanks to Kremer that the composer’s tintinnabuli pieces found a wider audience beyond the boundaries of the Soviet Union.

"We have shared a very special bond ever since the creation of Tabula rasa and his playing has served as a benchmark for the sound of the violin for me ever since.”

– Arvo Pärt

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List of works that have a special place in the repertoire of Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer:

  • Darf ich... (revised version premiered in Austria on 3 July 1999)
  • Cantus in memoriam of Benjamin Brittem
  • Fratres (version for violin and piano premiered by Gidon Kremer and Elena Kremer in 1980 at Salzburger Festspiele festival)
  • Mein weg
  • Orient and Occident (Estonian premiere on 21 January 2001)
  • Pari intervallo
  • Trisagion
  • Passacaglia
  • Psalom
  • Silouans song
  • Tabula rasa (composed at the request of the violinist Gidon Kremer in 1977)
  • Collage over B-A-C-H
  • Symphony No. 4 Los Angeles
  • Für Lennart in memoriam

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"My sincerest congratulations to the Kremerata "children" who have now achieved creative maturity and excellence! And for their dear Maestro, "Papa" Kremerata, my deepest respect and gratitude for the innumerable good deeds he has performed for me and my colleagues. I can now confess to Gidon that in 1977, with his interpretation of Tabula Rasa, he revealed my own music to me, and for that I am eternally grateful!"

Wishing you a long and prosperous life!

– Arvo Pärt

Photo by Birgit Puve / Arvo Part Center