I am Kremerata Baltica

I am Kremerata Baltica

Celebrating 100 Jubilee: Gidon Kremer 75 + Kremerata Baltica 25

Ingrīda Zemzare /LV/ managing director
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

The baltic chamber orchestra Kremerata Baltica is the best.

Kremerata Baltica is a constant enigma for the music industry, for there is nothing like it. Using mythological comparisons, it may be said that Kremerata Baltica is as mysterious as the sphinx, as contradictory a creature as the centaur, and capable of perpetually recreating itself like the phoenix. Or, even more dramatically, it strives for artistic perfection as icarus flying to the sun. Aware of the danger of such flight, it relishes it as such.

Although musicians from three different countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – perform in Kremerata Baltica, their working style has nothing in common with the usual “festival orchestra” practice when musicians from different orchestras come together in order to work on a specific program, and when that is completed, each returns to their respective “day job”.

Shoulder to shoulder they perform approximately 60 concerts a year in the most prestigious concert halls of the world, with their own soloist and Artistic director Gidon Kremer, as well as with other soloists and conductors.

In Latvia, Kremerata Baltica has founded its own chamber music festival where the invited guests, composers and musicians are ready to fly together with the young “Kremeratini”. Gidon Kremer refers to the orchestra musicians as his friends and colleagues. The micro-climate within which Kremerata Baltica concerts are created is an atmosphere of mutual respect and love, with an element of “father and son” relationships. Gidon Kremer is not your typical genius. He has strived for perfection since childhood.

At the same time, no one is more aware than he that going overboard in the quest for perfection can kill living art. He doesn’t teach in any academy and doesn’t train competition stars to move their fingers faster. Yet he can work to exhaustion, rehearsing and rehearsing with his 25 Kremerata Baltica “children” in order to achieve an ever better result.

Virtuosity is great, but what one does with it is even better. Gidon Kremer’s truly visionary gift however, was his ability and willingness to see beyond himself which is how Kremerata Baltica was created. After auditions in Vilnius the first Kremerata Baltica concert took place in 1997.

Almost 25 years later, powerful musical personalities, a unique and courageous repertoire, and a creative intelligence have coalesced into a reputation and a palpable spirit of a place.

Kremerata Baltica is BALTIC EXCELLENCY in its purest form!

— Dr. Ingrīda Zemzare, Managing director, Kremerata Baltica

Gidons Krēmers /LV/ violin, artistic director
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

In the 25 years of working together, Kremerata Baltica and I have become a close-knit family. The “work” on the old or new repertoire is only part of what connects us. One can speak of a “worldview” here or of an intimacy in dealing with the music beyond any routine.

In any case, it is about a “closeness” linked to time and experience.

And even if many members of “today’s” Kremerata are partly much younger than the musicians of the first hours, there is something “connecting”. That makes the sound and the attitude.

As a participant or as a listener, one feels this effort and service to the composers, as well as to the music.

Our “language” is our “face”. That should remain so and determine the future of the Kremerata.

— Gidon Kremer, founder and artistic leader of Kremerata Baltica

Zita Zemoviča /LV/ viola
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

Воспоминания 25-летней давности

В начале ноябрья 1996–ого года мы все приехали в Вильнюс, толком не зная, что будет. Знали только, что будет прослушивание на оркестр Гидона Кремера и больше ничего. В зале Музыкальной Академии, где проходило прослушивание , в гробовой тишине сидел Гидон Кремер и Саулюс Сондецкис с женой. За дверью в коридоре всех организовывал и успокаивал педагог – альтист Радзявичус. Все тряслись и волновались. Если в академии царила нерваная атмосфера, то уже в микроавтобусе, следующим в общежитие ”Чурленки”, где ютились эстонцы и латыши, царило нездоровое веселье. Тогда мы и представить себе не могли , что Кремерате будет 25 лет, а некоторые музыканты коллектива создадут внутри-оркестровые семьи.

Zita Zemoviča, viola

Andrei Valigura /EE/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

Листок из альбома.

Вспоминаю я городок
Вильнюс В ноябре девяносто шестого.
Слушал радио ”M-vienas” все время
И ”Kalnapilis” было нормальным.

Жили мы пару дней на ”Чурленке”.
Общий душ, туалет в коридоре…
Но все это терпели достойно,
Потому что мы конкурс играли.

А играли мы перед Гидоном.
Также Саулюс присутствовал рядом.
И собрался оркестр ох…офигенный
Имя ”Балтика” ему ”Кремерата” !

Миновало уже четверть века.
Перелеты, концерты, банкеты,
Дирижеры, солисты, студенты…
И женою мне стала альтистка.

— Андрей ”Aff ” Валигура, violin

Giedrė Dirvanauskaitė /LT/ violoncello
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

Pēteris Čirkšis /LV/ violoncello
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

Kremerata Baltica was (and is) for me the very first Orchestra I joined. It is my first group of musicians I started my professional career with.

Now when I look back, I understand, that every musician can only dream about such an opportunity I have had twenty five years ago. I feel I have been really lucky. Since 1997 it is a long time, but even now I feel like it is Kremerata’s very beginning – there is endless energy around.

During those twenty five years a lot of things, people, circumstances have changed. But… The meaning, the spirit and the joy has stayed. Despite all challenges and transformations, I am happy, that Kremerata still today is doing its best. It has not allowed the time and everyday routine to let it down or to change its real spirit.

The best thing about Kremerata is – in the concert you will never guess the outcome of an interpretation and the emotional impact it will leave. The dedication of each musician is so high and individual, that it is creating very unique and unforgettable feeling (not comparable with any other ensemble). This makes Kremerata Baltica special.

I am really proud to be part of it for all 25 years!!!

Long live Kremerata!!!

— Pēteris Čirkšis, cello

Andrei Pushkarev /UA/LV/ vibraphone; percussion
Kremerata Baltica since 1999


Оркестров в мире много разных -
Известных и высококлассных,
Больших достигнувших вершин...
Особенный средь них - один

Моё знакомство с камерным оркестром “Kremerata Baltica” состоялось морозной зимой 1998- го года, когда Гидон с молодыми ребятами из Латвии, Литвы и Эстонии приехал в Украину, где состоялось несколько концертов. Прошло уже больше двадцати лет, а я помню всё в подробностях, как будто это было неделю назад.

Помню самую первую репетицию с “Кремератой” в Малом зале Киевской консерватории - я участвовал в пьесах Арво Пярта “Fratres” и Александра Вустина “Pour Guidon”. Никогда прежде мне не приходилось играть в оркестре без дирижёра - достаточно стрессовая ситуация для человека, привыкшего играть “под палочку”. Но всё прошло настолько естественно и природно, что я даже не задумался об этом в тот момент - просто отметил карандашом в нотах, кто и где “показывает”.

Помню свой первый диалог с Гидоном:

ˆ Андрей, ты сможешь нам помочь во Львове на двух концертах?
     ˆ Конечно, смогу! Когда выезд?
ˆ Сегодня вечером.
     ˆ Хорошо. Но у меня нет билета...
ˆ За это не беспокойся, мы всё организуем - и билеты, и гостиницу.
     ˆ Хорошо, спасибо!

А в голове в это время обгоняющие друг друга мысли: “как это сегодня вечером?.. это что, я с Гидоном Кремером и оркестром Кремерата Балтика куда-то еду?.. два концерта... и ещё один в Киеве... а чистая белая рубашка есть у меня?.. успеть собраться... и что брать с собой на два дня?.. так, спокойно, без паники!” и далее в таком же духе.

Помню саму поездку во Львов. Обычно в незнакомом коллективе редко чувствуешь себя комфортно - все друг друга знают, общаются между собой, а ты как-то в стороне, сам по себе. Но ничего подобного не было - oткрытые, приветливые, общительные ребята, и буквально с самого начала поездки у меня было ощущение, что я уже давно с ними знаком, что мы давно работаем вместе.

Помню все репетиции той поездки. Меня очень впечатлило, насколько продумано и продуктивно они проходят, насколько Гидон и ребята дорожат каждой минутой, насколько все настроены улучшить и без того прекрасное звучание оркестра.

Помню концерт в Киеве. Национальная Филармония Украины тогда не смогла вместить всех желающих, а те, кому повезло попасть внутрь, не только заняли все места в зале и на балконе, но ещё и стояли в проходах, сидели на подоконниках.

Помню, как грустно было расставаться с ребятами, с которыми за несколько дней мы уже успели сдружиться. Андрей Валигура (в то время инспектор оркестра) записал мои координаты, а именно домашний телефон и адрес - в это сейчас трудно поверить, но в 1998- м у меня не было ни мобильного телефона, ни электронной почты. Записал со словами “Давай, давай - а вдруг пригодится”. Потом они сели в автобус и умчались в аэропорт - у них впереди была поездка в Азию.

Под Новый, 1999-й год, пока часы били двенадцать раз, я тихонько загадал желание ещё когданибудь встретиться с Гидоном и “Кремератой”. Оно исполнилось спустя пять месяцев. В мае 1999-го я поехал в своё первое турне.

С того времени началась совсем другая жизнь, полная проектов, концертов, записей, репетиций, общения с фантастическими музыкантами - жизнь, которой я живу уже более двадцати лет и без которой уже не представляю себя.

С Юбилеем, дорогой Гидон! С Юбилеем, “Кремерата Балтика”! Многая лета!

— Andrei Pushkarev, vibraphone, percussion, arranger

Džeraldas Bidva /LT/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 1999

If anyone asks me who Kremerata Baltica is for me, I would answer that it is the journey of my life. First it is musical and then geographical, people and selfknowledge. That infinite joy of discovery and opportunity to enjoy and share the magic of music together and is the meaning of Kremeratic life. Kremerata is the energy of youth and I wish it will remain so for a long time to come!

— Džeraldas Bidva, concertmaster

Dainius Peseckas /LT/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2005

Kremerata Baltica is in my life since 2005. This orchestra connects with so many emotional experiences, that it became integral part of me. Starting from the very beginning most amazing thing was to meet Gidon Kremer for the first time - world famous violinist, who was my idol since the school. I couldn’t believe that now I will be able to play and work with this legendary musician.

With years all those experiences were only adding up. Performing with fantastic musicians, playing in world famous concert halls, traveling throughout the countries all over the world made me only richer. To eat sushi in Japan, taste caipirinha in Brazil, have a pizza in Italy or drink coconut in Costa Rica. Experience Shostakovich concerto with Martha Argerich, Chopin with Daniil Trifonov or Sibelius with Gidon Kremer. To be honest - I don’t know if I can ask for more.

All I want is to express my gratitude to everyone whom I have met while being in Kremerata Baltica and who made this possible.

— Dainius Peseckas, violin

Madara Pētersone /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2011


I feel it is the most used word in my life since year 2011.

It all started in Valmiera. It was summer 2011. I was walking it’s main street - Rigas street, somewhere around midnight when a message from Eva Bindere arrived: “Madariņ, you will soon hear from Ruta Lipinaityte, who is a manager and violinist from Kremerata, and she will ask if you can join for a tour in autumn”…

The next thing I remember is 27th of September, 2011 - I am boarding a flight Copenhagen-Frankfurt. Will arrive in Kronberg for the Cello Festival and will for the first time play with Kremerata Baltica! A dream come true…

Fourteen cello concertos, four concerts, six days later my tour was over. I do remember plenty of curious looks towards me - how is the young, shy, speechless (could not say a word in Russian back in year 2011, when it was the main working language of Kremerata) violinist going to handle all the workload… It was an audition without an audition.

I could not believe my eyes, when one day after returning home I again received a message from Ruta: “Dear Madara, maybe you would like to join Kremerata once more?”

And the “once more” turned out to be a little more then once…

Now, when the 25th Anniversary is around the corner, it makes me remember it’s very beginnings. Yes, it’s very first years when I was only 9 or 10 years old. But as today I remember the concert Kremerata and Gidon gave in Cesis concert hall (at that time it was called Cēsu kultūras nams), where I was one of the many violin pupils coming from Valmiera Music school with a rented bus just to hear the already famous orchestra Kremerata Baltica and its creator violinist Gidon Kremer! I will never forget how Gidon walked onto the stage from the back of the hall, passing through the audience, with his violin lifted above his and everyone’s heads…

I wish Kremerata Baltica another 25 and many more years to come! Our audiences and our heads need to be lifted. Happy Birthday Gidon and Happy Birthday Kremerata Baltica!

— Madara Pētersone, violin

Konstantīns Paturskis /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2013

I was just a child standing at the open door to the music world when this legendary orchestra emerged. Auditions in the Baltic countries were announced, and I can only imagine how huge the excitement was, if its resonance reached even me at the age of 6. The year Kremerata Baltica gave its first concert was the year when my dear late grandmother took me to my first violin class. It was her dream, that one day I would join Kremerata Baltica. It has been 8 years since my first concert with the orchestra. But even now when on stage, I feel honoured and proud to be a member of this wonderful ensemble.

Due to many young and talented musicians coming and going, the ensemble has evolved a lot during these years. One might even say that it has changed beyond recognition. Nevertheless, the core values, planted by Maestro Gidon Kremer twenty-five years ago, are still present and flourishing. It is a never-ending energy, curiosity, and love for beauty of music in all its aspects. I believe, that is what keeps us going and thriving despite all the challenges and hardships.

Happy Birthday and Long Live Kremerata.

— Konstantīns Paturskis, violin

Kristaps Pētersons /LV/ double bass
Kremerata Baltica since 2014

Kremerata Baltica has always been a wondrous orchestra in my eyes. It seemed striking to achieve this almost unbelievable lightness in playing no matter how difficult the piece is.

For the first time I was invited to join Kremerata as a third bass player in the Richard Strauss Metamorphosen. It was a summer of 2010. The orchestra sounded as a finest chamber ensemble. It was like a dream. Because of listening to what is going on around I forgot to enter with my part a couple of times. Everyone was polite and said nothing.

Now, when I have an opportunity to play in Kremerata permanently, it is still a wondrous orchestra to me. The lightness is there, because we can trust each other in music. I wish to everyone the strength to continue this musical direction despite the reality of the pandemic.

Dear Gidon and Kremerata, Happy Birthday!

— Kristaps Pētersons, double bass & composition

Iurii Gavryliuk /UA/LV/ double bass
Kremerata Baltica since 2015

When I was 14, classical music was not a part of my daily life. I was just starting playing the double bass and had no big illusions about my future as a musician.

One morning I saw an interview on TV, where a smiling musician was talking about the orchestra that is traveling from place to place, exploring new countries, performing at the best concert halls, meeting the most extraordinary artists and all of this under the leadership and direction of this greatest violinist! I didn’t remember any names but I remember thinking to myself: “This sounds like a dream job!” Of course, the smiling musician on TV was Andrei Pushkarev, the orchestra – “Kremerata Baltica” and the violinist – Gidon Kremer.

Playing in Kremerata has become my dream and when 8 years later I joined this orchestra for the first time I knew that I have come home, that it is everything I have dreamed of.

I am always grateful to be around my wonderful colleagues and friends, discovering the world and music together and sharing those discoveries with each other and audiences through sounds. Of course, non of this would be possible without Gidon and it is simply a great privilege and honor to share one stage with such an artist.

Kremerata Baltica is not an orchestra, not a job – it is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that is now, together with Gidon celebrating its centenary. I am very happy I have discovered this lifestyle for myself and I am looking forward to keep living it!

Iurii Gavryliuk, double bass

Linas Valickas /LT/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2016

Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica are like a time machine in my life, that takes me away to the farthest periods of musical history, places where you can listen, understand and experience various different thoughts. These experiences are indescribable by words, and it is unbelievable, that I am a part of this time crossing ship as a passenger.

My acquaintance with Gidon Kremer started in my early adolescent, when during my breaks and after school I would rush to listen his to his records. He was a huge inspiration for me to seek the highest possible mastery while playing the violin.

Desire to participate and play with Kremerata Baltica has subsided within me since the very foundation of the ensemble. That is why I feel extremely fortunate and happy to be a part of this great process and to have experienced so many great and unforgettable moments, hopefully many more to come. I have participated in many different tours, visited Asia, the Middle East, both South and North Americas, Europe, and every single tour has its own distinct charm and beauty. Having the opportunity to play with Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer gives me hope, that I too can be a part of this amazing wonder and I am glad that our ensemble can share this amazing experience with people from all over the world.

In the event of the anniversary, to both Gidon and Kremerata Baltica, I wish for this amazing musical journey to never end and for many more years to come!

Linas Valickas, violin

Alīna Vižine /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2017

Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica. These two names have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I learned about Gidon in school, which is the same school that he went to in Riga. Kremerata Baltica came into “my” life when my sister started playing in the orchestra. I remember going to Kremerata’s concerts when I was in my early teens, afterwards impatiently waiting to meet my sister at the artist’s entrance. I remember her taking me backstage to meet Gidon and her colleagues, who were all jokingly telling me that I should audition when I grow up. In that moment I would’ve never guessed that in May 2017 I will go on my first tour with Kremerata.

And what a tour it was! Hungary, China, South Korea, Taiwan and, last but not least, home – Latvia. A full month of intense work and so many “firsts”. First tour with a professional orchestra, first time in Asia, first time on a long-haul flight and so, so many other firsts. Including my first wake-up call from the tour manager… It was a couple of days after we have arrived in Beijing, on the day of the concert.

My body was extremely confused, and I couldn’t have been mentally and physically less prepared to deal with the consequences of a jetlag. We had our usual morning rehearsal, afterwards a stroll around the city and lunch, which was followed by our beloved “тихий час”. Since my internal clock was so messed up, I took any and every opportunity to nap. I closed the curtains in my hotel room, set my alarm so I have plenty of time to prepare all the things that I need to bring with me to the concert hall, got under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

I get waken up by the extremely loud and unpleasant ringing of the hotel telephone on the bedside table, right next to my head. I pick it up and hear Dainius’ voice, “Alina, where are you? Everyone is already in the bus…” I blurted out that I slept over my alarm, and I just need a couple of minutes. I don’t think I will ever forget the amount of sheer panic that I experienced in that moment. I was running around my room, frantically throwing concert clothes into the first bag that I saw, changing into whatever was closest to me.

I run out of the hotel and into the bus, instantly apologizing to everyone and shamefully trying to avoid any eye contact. The bus got filled with a bunch of sighs, “Finally…”, cheers, whistles, “booo’s” and many other sounds. I am walking towards the back of the bus to my seat when suddenly I hear Dainius say loudly from the front, “ALINA, WHERE IS YOUR VIOLIN!” Sh*t. Pretty much everyone burst out laughing (except me, of course) as I bolted out of the bus back to my hotel room.

Nowadays I like to think of those stressful 10 minutes back in May 2017 as my baptism into Kremerata Baltica. It’s a tour that I’ll never forget, and I cherish every memory of it. Even the dreadful wake-up call. (:

That being said, I wish us all, Kremeratini and Gidon, to share many, many more heartfelt, funny, surprising and unforgettable moments together. Happy Birthday to all of us!

— Alīna Vižine, violin

Zane Kalniņa /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2017

To each of us differently though undoubtably Kremerata has made an influence on our lives. To think of the lifestyle we have, the musical personalities we share the stage with, I could not have imagined a more exciting way to lead a life as a musician. During these 4 years since I became a part of Kremerata, the journey has been filled with memorable experiences, both musically and personally. The originality and authenticity of the musicians connected to Kremerata creates the unique energy this ensembles has, guided by an irreplaceable and inspiring leader — Gidon. On the 100th anniversary I wish all of us to keep this special energy alive, to find new inspiration every day, to share love and music as deeply and truthfully as we can!

— Zane Kalniņa, violin

Rūta Balčiūtė /LT/ violoncello
Kremerata Baltica since 2018

Dreams can come true.

How do I know it? Because I dreamed to be a part just for one little concert of Kremerata Baltica. And with a time it happened! Not just for one concert, for many concerts!

I met many wonderful persons here, many amazing musicians. Now it’s funny to say, that for the first time on tour with you I was very scared, because I couldn’t imagine that you are so kind, caring, nice people. It’s not like any other orchestras, because we are not just making music, we are supporting each other and helping each other to stay strong in hard times. I really can say, that we are like big traveling family. So I really appreciate this opportunity to play with you and to know all of you.

For the first time when I met our Maestro Gidon Kremer, I didn’t know what to expect. Because I knew him like a legendary violinist, who created his orchestra and was traveling all over the world. I though it is really really impressive. You can only imagine how scary it was for me to meet him in person. But now I can say, that he is very kind and warm - hearted person who cares about us, who is laughing with us and even partying with us.

I would like to wish for all of us to have many, many concerts, that we could share our honest art of music with people and with each other.

Let’s dream big and make the world a better place with our music.

Long live Kremerata!

— Rūta Balčiūtė, cello

Rakelė Chijenaitė /LT/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2018

When I think of my life I realise that it is divided in two periods – before KB and after. So, besides starting to use Revolut app, what has changed?

  • trying to avoid flights and hotels on my holidays
  • looking at noise cancelling headphones as a devise being sent by God
  • becoming spoilt by the amazing musicians we get to play with
  • becoming spoilt with amazing food we get to eat in different countries
  • becoming spoilt even more by colleagues which are so dear and close to me. (Most of the times!)
  • learning to pack things really quickly and impressing other people with that
  • being paranoid to be late to the bus which is waiting for me at 4am full of smiling and happy faces

I could go on and on. But the most important thing is being able to play music full of energy and inspiration. I wish this energy, love and commitment for the following years to grow even more!

Happy birthday dear Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica!

— Rakelė Chijenaitė, violin

Jevgēnija Frolova /LV/ viola
Kremerata Baltica since 2018

There is a little thing i need to confess about. Once in a while, when going on the street in a healthy rhythmical pace, i have a motive to start sounding in my head:

Robert Wicke Gidon Kremer Robert Wicke Gidon Kremer

there are so many triads, motives, sayings and words that intertwine into a lace called Kremerata Baltica, lace that i am tightly wrapped in for three years already. I find it amazing, that in a moment i think of something funny to tell, there is a story about every colleague in the orchestra, with no exceptions really.

Well, i think my story will be about the “stage fright”, but not so much about playing.

As in every concert, there is a countdown before you enter the stage, and then there needs to be the first one to go. In one of our Jurmala festival concerts i was standing right in front of the stage door, having everyone behind me. Totally relying on my colleagues, i was waiting for the sign, when Iurii and Giedre said: “Now it’s time, Zhenia, go, go, go!” I did went on with the most confidence i had, until i realised that there was total silence behind me - and the opposite door was closed and no violins were coming out. At that point i was already in the middle of the stage - i got hot and cold at the same time, i guess it is called “embarrassed”. The only thought that passed through my mind during the short look into the full hall was “My mother and father are actually seeing this right now”… I decided not to take a bow, and went off the stage off totally burning - it was a lot of fun backstage :)

If you ask, if my mom has noticed it - yes she did.

I never walk first on the stage since then.

With love and gratitude to Gidon Kremer and all my beloved colleagues - wishing many years of togetherness, music, inspiration and youthful spirits!

Long live KB!

— Jevgēnija Frolova, viola

Kristers Šīmanis /LV/ violoncello
Kremerata Baltica since 2018

At the time when I was about to apply for an audition in Kremerata, my goal was to get a job and earn money. Very soon I realised that apart from that I’m also getting something much more valuable. A group of people with whom to share unforgettable moments, make amazing music, not to mention these people almost instantly became my closest, very dear friends or dare I say, a family! I am incredibly grateful to Maestro Gidon who gave me an opportunity to be part of this amazing experience and also for all the care and support I have received throughout the time. It’s been 4 years already since I’m a member of this amazing group and I wish for many more years to follow!

Viva La Kremerata!!

— Kristers Šīmanis, cello

Sabīne Sergējeva /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2019

There isn’t a more beautiful number than a 100!

I wish to all of us in Kremerata Baltica a future filled with smiles, laughter, happiness and prosperity!

Let’s continue to make unforgettable moments, cherish the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow!

Let’s keep inspiring others and ourselves with our creativity, energy and uniqueness! Congratulations to each and every one of us with this significant milestone!

May this celebration be filled with everlasting joy!

— Sabīne Sergējeva, violin

Stella Zaķe /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2019

Kremerata Baltica has always had a special place in my heart. I met this orchestra at an age of 12, as I was invited to perform “Meditation” by J. Massenet, that truly felt like a dream come true. Years went by and I was invited to join the orchestra. As a Baltic girl, that’s an honour that you proudly wear as the most beautiful dress you own. Now an adult, ready to take in all this orchestra can give, I became a member of this unique formation.

Working with these dedicated musicians and one of the most legendary violinists of all times, Gidon Kremer, is one’s in a lifetime experience. What drives this orchestra is passion and commitment for musical purity, always putting music first.

Kremeratas tour life brings us closer together, what can be better than traveling the world with your musical family. I remember for the first time joining a tour, sitting in a chair of a concertmaster, feeling eternally grateful to Gidon for giving me this opportunity. I am excited to musically grow with this orchestra, and continue exploring the world.

Long live Kremerata! May it continue bringing Baltic people together, may it stay so pure and may it be home for musicians’ years to come.

— Stella Zaķe, violin

Marija Strapcāne /LV/ violin
Kremerata Baltica since 2020

My first concert with KB was in Jurmala during the Kremerata Baltica festival in September 2020.

Only amazing memories have stayed with me from this project. I was honoured and happy to be part of this festival and savoured every moment because it was after six months of lockdowns and not having many opportunities to play for the public and to work with other people.

On the third day of the rehearsals I had to audition in front of the entire orchestra and Gidon himself. I was surprisingly calm; it almost felt as if I were dreaming.

Maybe because I could not wrap my head around the fact that I was playing for one of my idols since my first days of violin playing. Six months of slow days in isolation during Covid times were suddenly turned into constant energy and happiness from being able to do the thing that I love the most again – making music with other people, spending my days in rehearsals and talking and sharing with people who are fueled with the same fuel as I am.

It was that first project together that made me realise the importance of our job more than ever. Being on stage and having an audience suddenly made perfect sense. I wish that Kremerata’s spark never goes out and that the members stay dedicated to the dream of perfect harmony in the world. After all, we are the messengers of peace.

I am grateful to have such wonderful colleagues and friends in the orchestra. Working next to them teaches me patience and professionalism; they keep me grounded. I know that I can always turn to them and we will take care of each other like a family.

Dear Kremerata Baltica, Happy 25th Birthday!

— Marija Strapcāne, violin

Marta Rācene /LV/ viola
Kremerata Baltica since 2020

Kremerata Baltica for me is a perfect combination of things I love - music, travelling and hanging out with friends.

It is so inspiring to see in the eyes of members the dedication of music making. Playing in amazing concert halls and in places, i would never imagine to perform! Like playing in mountains , connecting nature and music. I have just joined Kremerata recently, but have already experienced so much. Memories for lifetime!

— Marta Rācene, viola

Magdalēna Ceple /LV/ violoncello
Kremerata Baltica since 2021

Paris Philharmonie. The hall is crowded. Everybody is already on stage. I’m the only one knowing the secret. Magic is in the air as we’re preforming Nino Rota’s Concerto for Strings. I am worried somebody would notice…

There was a baroque bow hiding under my chair.

To everybody’s surprise I played an encore with bandoneon player Per Arne Glorvigen, who was improvising on top of the solo cello Prelude by Bach.

Kremerata is full of spontaneity and humour. Joining the ensemble was also quite an impromptu, which happened in a very right moment of my life, after the first Covid-19 outbreak when I was so hungry for performing and sharing artistic ideas.

Kremerata didn’t only enrich my life professionally, but also was an opportunity to meet likeminded people and reconnect with my childhood friend (and first string quartet colleague!) Stella Zake.

Reconnecting with my home country Latvia has been also an important aspect of it, as after moving to Germany, I had no professional life left there.

Last but not least, working and sharing stage with Maestro Gidon Kremer is a precious experience I value endlessly!

Happy 100 year anniversary - hopefully until the next one! :)

 — Magdalēna Ceple, violoncello

Ligita Romāne /LV/ accountant
Kremerata Baltica since 1997

My first meeting with Kremerata was when Kremerata Baltica was registered in Latvian Business register in 31st of March in 2000. I was registered as the employee in charge of the state capital shares of the Ministry of Culture. And the very first employees I registered were Pēteris, Zita on 31st of March, 2000 and Andrei, Džeraldas and Giedre on 1st of September, 2000.

All these years, it has been Kremerata Baltica that has shaped my musical taste and growth in the long run. The great variety of programs in the Kremerata concerts, the invitation of many guest soloists - this has made my feel excited to be a part of it all these years.

The brightest memory from the concerts is with the participation of Martha Argerich in Cēsis, as well as the concert Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer gave in the Berliner Philharmoniker - ‘To Russia With Love’. It took place on October 7, 2013, the seventh anniversary of the killing of the journalist and government critic Anna Politkovskaya. It was a tribute to her and the bravery of those in Russia who, despite all the threats, continued their fight for human rights.

On the stage there were musicians Gidon Kremer & KREMERATA BALTICA, Martha Argerich, Nicolas Altstaedt, Daniel Barenboim, Khatia Buniatishvili, Roman Kofman, Giya Kancheli, Sergei Nakaryakov, Emmanuel Pahud and Shchedryk Children choir.

Long live Gidon Kremer, long live Kremerata Baltica!

— Ligita Romāne, accountant

Inga Jurjēviča /LV/ office manager
Kremerata Baltica since 2005

My first steps in Kremerata began in 2005. It was snowy Epifania Day (6th of January) – and so among the STARS this time has rolled. Kremerata means to me to have a family that is changing from time to time, but there is always a circle of friends with whom it is fantastic to work.

Concerts, of course, always are the most inspiring, - and opportunity to work with distinguished musicians and composers who have often stayed with us. It’s impossible to list each of them, but the heart has remained - Buniatišvili, Grindenko, Desjatnikov, Perth, Kancheli, and many many others.

Long live Kremerata!!!

— Inga Jurjēviča, office manager