Giya Kancheli

“The silence in the audience after a work has faded away is perhaps the best way to appreciate my works”.

– Giya Kancheli

One of the most distinguished Georgian composers Giya Kancheli has been a great friend of Kremerata Baltica for over 20 years. Many opuses dedicated to us are essential part of our repertoire: Little Daneliada; Rag-Gidon-time; Silent Prayer; Twilight; V&V; Valse Boston; Concert Childhood revisited; "Ex contrario" for two violins, keyboard, bass guitar, performance CD and string orchestra; Bridges to Bach; Chiaroscuro.

Photo by Ruth Walz


"The phenomenon of Gidon Kremer covers an immense space. Being a great musician Gidon also combines the qualities of an innovator, playwright, director, and even manager. Inexhaustible ideas are sometimes embodied in concert-performances, reminiscent of the shape of brilliant drama. There is an on-going quest to update the repertoire which usually ends up with another success, and therein begins the design phase of another new idea.

Embodiment of the above would have been unthinkable without the establishment of Gidon's offspring, the Kremerata Baltica, which, in my opinion, is a significant event in the world of the performing arts. Throughout the almost 20 years of its existence, the orchestra has not only improved its skills, but defying time, has remained, as well as its creator, forever young. In addition to selfless service to the great classical heritage, it is particularly worth noting the role of Gidon Kremer in the creative destiny of contemporary composers. His support has enhanced the world of music by introducing and promoting composers whose names now enrich philharmonic life.

Personally, Gidon Kremer's interest in my work was a turning point, a milestone, in my life. Any words we address to a person of high renown are by their nature, inappropriate and pretentious. I am grateful that our partnership has grown into a friendship, and continues to this day. I am happy that the lion's share of my work is written for and dedicated to Gidon.

All my best wishes, here's to a long life to you, my dear Kremeratini and dearest Gidon."

– Giya Kancheli, 2017