Indra Riše

Indra Riše is a Latvian composer.  She have graduated from J. Vitols Latvian State Conservatory as pianist (prof. M. Švinka) in 1985 and as composer (prof. P. Plakidis) in 1990. The compositions by Indra Riše have been played at festivals and concerts in Baltic States, Scandinavian countries, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Hong Kong, Korea, Slovenia, Rumania and elsewhere, including ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) organized festivals in Sweden (2009), Croatia (2011), Hong Kong (2015), Korea (2016), Slovenia (2016).

Music is like a feast of the soul. It addresses, narrates, exhilarates... It teaches the language of the souls and teaches understanding.

– Indra Riše

Composer's pieces performed by Kremerata Baltica:

  • "Pavasars, pavasars...", concerto grosso for violin, marimba, piano and string orchestra

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