Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer
Composer, pianist

Composer, pianist, improviser and essayist Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer was born in 1963 Novi Sad, Vojvodina, ex-Yugoslavia as a member of a Hungarian national minority.
Since the outburst of the civil war in his native country (1991) he lives and works in France.

Kremerata Baltica premiered and performed many of Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer's compositions. They include: 

Eight hymns in memoriam Andrei Tarkovsky;

East-west soundscapes;

Variations on the theme of J. S. Bach "Lasset uns den nicht ʓerteilen";

"Canonic Invocations" (Monumentum per Haydn);

"After Gould" Goldberg Variations No. 30, 4, 18 & 26 with three Intermezzi by Arnold Schoenberg for violin and string orchestra

Photo by Pawel Kacnovski