Eight Seasons

Release Year: 2000
Label: Nonesuch

1. “La Primavera” (Spring), Concerto in E Major: Allegro

2. “La Primavera” (Spring), Concerto in E Major: Largo

3. “La Primavera” (Spring), Concerto in E Major: Allegro

4. “Verano porteño” (Summer in Buenos Aires)

5. “L’Estate” (Summer), Concerto in G Minor: Allegro non molto

6. “L’Estate” (Summer), Concerto in G Minor: Adagio

7. “L’Estate” (Summer), Concerto in G Minor: Presto

8. “Otoño porteño” (Autumn in Buenos Aires)

9. “L’Autunno” (Autumn), Concerto in F Major: Allegro

10. “L’Autunno” (Autumn), Concerto in F Major: Adagio molto

11. “L’Autunno” (Autumn), Concerto in F Major: Allegro

12. “Invierno porteño” (Winter in Buenos Aires)

13. “L’Inverno” (Winter), Concerto in F Minor: Allegro non molto

14. “L’Inverno” (Winter), Concerto in F Minor: Largo

15. “L’Inverno” (Winter), Concerto in F Minor: Allegro

16. “Primavera porteña” (Spring in Buenos Aires)

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Reviews and impressions

Besides the conceptual perfection of the idea, the performances are exquisite. – AllMusic

"Eight Seasons is a project in which the borders, between musical genres, continents and centuries, are eliminated, and what endures is the consistent quality of the works themselves. For Kremer and his Kremerata Baltica, a group of young musicians from the independent Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, their common language is a musical one. The ensemble’s performance breathes new life into the Vivaldi work without compromising its essence, and introduces audiences to Piazzolla’s lesser-known and eminently worthy composition." Nonesuch

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