Focus Cello

Release Year: 2018
Label: Profil Medien

Pablo Ferrández

Benedict Kloeckner

Anastasia Kobekina

Edgar Moreau

Heinrich Schiff

Kremerata Baltica


1.Vivaldi: Concerto in G minor for Two Cellos, RV531

2. Rossini: Péchés de vieillesse, Vol. 9 'Album pour piano, violon, violoncello, harmonium et cor'

3. Paganini: Introduction & Variations on 'Dal tuo stellato soglio' from Rossini's 'Mosé in Egitto', MS23 (Op. 24)

4. Respighi: Adagio con variazioni for cello and orchestra

5. Wolf, H: Italian Serenade in G major

6. Molinelli: Twin Legends

7. Plakidis: Pasticcio à la Rossini

8. Menotti: Suite for two Cellos and Piano

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Reviews and impressions

You may not have heard of  most of this music, nor of the cellists–the most famous of them, Heinrich Schiff, serves as conductor–yet everything comes together here to make a very pleasurable and eminently repeatable listening experience. Very well done. – Classics Today