Tracing Astor

Release Year: 2001
Label: Nonesuch

1. La Calle 92

2. Tango Etude: Etude 1

3. Tango Etude: Etude 2

4. Tango Etude: Etude 3

5. Etude 5

6. Rio Sena

7. Tango Etude: Etude 4

8. Tango Etude: Etude 5

9. Tango Etude: Etude 6

10. Violoncelles, Vibrez!

11. Milonga sin Palabras

12. Tracing Astor

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Reviews and impressions

For Kremer, Tracing Astor marks a final statement in his recording of Piazzolla’s music for violin and strings. It is the natural conclusion to what has been a long and fruitful journey begun in 1995 with the Grammy-nominated Hommage à Piazzolla, followed by El Tango, and Eight Seasons (2000), which juxtaposed Piazzolla’s Four Seasons with Vivaldi’s. Kremer plans to keep all the Piazzolla music among his vast repertoire. – Nonesuch