Weinberg: Orchestral & Chamber Works

Release Year: 2014
Label: ECM


1. Sonata No. 3 op. 126 (1979)

2. Trio op. 48 (1950)

3. Sonatina op. 46 (1949)


1. Concertino op. 42 (1948)

2. Symphony No. 10 op. 98 (1968)

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Reviews and impressions

Kremer himself is well spotlit throughout but never did I feel that the music was being used to feed his ego. On the contrary, his interpretative daring and technical resources bring out qualities others miss and make each piece more urgently communicative than ever before. – Gramophone

There's one startingly impressive work here, the Third Sonata for unaccompanied violin from 1979, which Kremer delivers with the unswerving commitment and intensity he brings to everything he tackles, familiar or unfamiliar... – The Guardian

The Kremerata Baltica is a fantastically impressive ensemble whose every fibre is strained to ensuring readings of the highest quality. Each of the featured soloists proves himself or herself amongst the worthiest of musicians. All go towards making this an extremely significant release in the ever-expanding discography of a true giant of twentieth century music. – MusicWeb International