Happy Birthday

Release Year: 2003
Label: Nonesuch

1. Polka
2. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Thema
3. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Variation nach Joseph Haydn
4. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Nach Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
5. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Nach Ludwig van Beethoven
6. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Nach Johannes Brahms
7. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Nach Robert Schumann
8. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Nach Antonin Dvorak
9. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Polka/Valse
10. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Variation im Stil von Filmmusik
11. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Ragtime
12. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Tango
13. “Happy Birthday” Variations: Czardas
14. “Blitz” Fantasy: Adagio
15. “Blitz” Fantasy: Allegretto
16. “Blitz” Fantasy: Ad libitum
17. “Blitz” Fantasy: Presto
18. Variations brillantes et concertantes sur l’air “God Save the King”, op. 38
19. Elegy
20. McMozart’s Eine Kleine Bricht Moonlicht Nicht Musik
21. “Auld Lang Syne” Variations: Eine kleine Nichtmusik
22. “Auld Lang Syne” Variations: Moonlight Concerto
23. “Auld Lang Syne” Variations: Chaconne a son Gout
24. “Auld Lang Syne” Variations: Hommage to Shostakofiev
25. Souvenir

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Reviews and impressions

And of course there’s the playing, which is consistently first-rate. – Gramophone

It goes without saying that the performances do full justice to the music, and also to Kremerata Baltica’s avowed purpose of presenting programs that offer musical food for thought and occasional surprises in addition to more normal fare. – Classics Today

Gidon Kremer, in describing Happy Birthday, his 2003 album with Kremerata Baltica, said, "Our intention has always been to awaken the listener by a kind of shock to the senses, which, in this case, is a humorous one; to make him or her aware that music is able to not only glide easily on the surface of our senses, but also permeate more deeply, enriching us (the listeners) with emotions, fantasies, laughter and insights."

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