Mozart: The Complete Violin Concertos

Release Year: 2009
Label: Nonesuch

1-1. Violin Concerto No.1, K207: I. Allegro Moderato

1-2. Violin Concerto No.1, K207: II. Adagio

1-3. Violin Concerto No.1, K207: III. Presto

1-4. Violin Concerto No.2, K211: I. Allegro Moderato

1-5. Violin Concerto No.2, K211: II. Andante

1-6. Violin Concerto No.2, K211: III. Rondeau. Allegro

1-7. Violin Concerto No.3, K216: I. Allegro

1-8. Violin Concerto No.3, K216: II. Adagio

1-9. Violin Concerto No.3, K216: III. Rondeau. Allegro

2-1. Violin Concerto No.4, K218: I. Allegro

2-2. Violin Concerto No.4, K218: II. Andante Cantabile

2-3. Violin Concerto No.4, K218: III. Rondeau Andante Grazioso

2-4. Violin Concerto No.5, K219: I. Allegro Aperto

2-5. Violin Concerto No.5, K219: II. Adagio

2-6. Violin Concerto No.5, K219: III. Rondeau Tempo Di Menuetto

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Reviews and impressions

...these are tremendously fresh and enjoyable performances. – The Strad

...the Kremerata Baltica - the violinist’s small, handpicked band of wind and string players - makes a sound that’s focused and precise; their interaction with Kremer has the intimacy of chamber music. –

 Kremer invests all of the concertos’ fast movements with an earthy vigour, even abrasiveness, revealing the 19-year-old Mozart already proclaiming his rebellious genius on the threshold of his maturity. – The Times