Release Year: 2005
Label: Nonesuch

1. Tabula Rasa: I. Ludus – Con Moto (Arvo Pärt)

2. Tabula Rasa: II. Silentium – Senza Moto (Arvo Pärt)

3. Company for String Orchestra, Movement I (Philip Glass)

4. Company for String Orchestra, Movement II (Philip Glass)

5. Company for String Orchestra, Movement III (Philip Glass)

6. Company for String Orchestra, Movement IV (Philip Glass)

7. “Come In!”, Movement I (Vladimir Martynov)

8. “Come In!”, Movement II (Vladimir Martynov)

9. “Come In!”, Movement III (Vladimir Martynov)

10. “Come In!”, Movement IV (Vladimir Martynov)

11. “Come In!”, Movement V (Vladimir Martynov)

12. “Come In!”, Movement VI (Vladimir Martynov)

13. Darf Ich (Arvo Pärt)

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Reviews and impressions

Tabula rasa is a spacious – and now fairly famous – study in sound perspectives, whereas Come In! takes a sugary angle on the staircase to heaven. An interesting musical sequence. – Gramophone

...this second recording of Tabula Rasa undoubtedly is a performance that I will return to again and again. – Classics Today

In the meantime, we can enjoy more than an hour of Silencio, a CD whose "high concept" is spared from pretentiousness by the excellence of both the music and the performances. – Classical Net