Russian Seasons

Release Year: 2003
Label: Nonesuch

Gidon Kremer

Julija Korpaceva

Kremerata Baltica


1. Spring “Christovskaya” (Dominical)
2. Spring “Kachulnaya” (Lullaby)
3. Spring “Jagoryevskaya” (Song for St. George’s Day)
4. Summer “Platsch s kukoschkoy” (Lament with Cuckoo)
5. Summer “Dukhovskaya” (Song for Whitsuntide)
6. Summer “Tolotnaya” (Fertilizing Song)
7. Autumn “Postovaya” (Song for Ember Days)
8. Autumn “Vosennaya” (Autumn Song)
9. Autumn “Svadebskaya” (Nuptial Song)
10. Winter “Sviatoshnaya” (Song for Christmastide)
11. Winter “Maslennaya” (Song for Shrovetide)
12. Winter “Posledniaya” (Closing Song)
13. The Seasons Digest: January – At the Fireplace
14. The Seasons Digest: February – Carnival
15. The Seasons Digest: March – Lark’s Song
16. The Seasons Digest: April – Snow-drop
17. The Seasons Digest: May – White Nights
18. The Seasons Digest: June – Barcarole
19. The Seasons Digest: July – Reaper’s Song
20. The Seasons Digest: August – The Harvest
21. The Seasons Digest: September – The Hunt
22. The Seasons Digest: October – Autumn Song
23. The Seasons Digest: November – Troika Ride
24. The Seasons Digest: December – Christmas

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Reviews and impressions

Kremerata Baltica, the various soloists and of course Gidon Kremer himself throw themselves into these intriguing works with great style and if you want to hear something unusual that can bear repeated playings, this disc could be for you. – MusicWeb International